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Over the past two decades, I have lived the lifestyle of a health enthusiast and have shared my knowledge on the biochemical pathways of the human body with my clients.
I received my CPT in 2010 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have focused on learning the nutrition side of the field. Losing fat is a science. There are so many ways to approach a good diet but ultimately this all depends on YOU and what you enjoy eating. Training and eating healthy is such a strong part of my life and is my true passion.
Around 2010, I opened up my own training center called URUN IRUN. My motto has always been: Make training and healthy eating a stress-free experience for clients. I approach this process with the mindset of adding healthy choices into your life; NOT removing some of the foods you love. In my experience, removing your favorite unhealthy foods completely is a recipe for disaster! I teach you how to operate a healthy balance and how to exercise correctly.
The truth about these programs is they are usually a one time investment. At the end of your plan, you have learned enough to continue on your own and clients usually return when they are wanting to graduate to the next level of fitness. I try my best to teach you as much as I can during our time together!


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When is stretching most beneficial? Before or after your workout? There is so much conflicting information out there. Here is an article that I recently read that breaks down the science behind stretching and muscle soreness.

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