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6 Month Advanced Athlete Plan

6 Month Advanced Athlete Plan

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The Advanced Athlete Plan is designed to lean you up, while increasing your strength and lean muscle tone. Nutrition is very strategic with this plan. We also work together (very closely) over half of the year to establish life long habits. Depending on your lifestyle, schedule and stress levels, I manipulate macros (carbs, protein, fats) and timing to maximize your efforts in and out of the gym. This program is perfect for those who have maintained a health regime and who are looking to change their overall body mass to a more muscular, more toned version of itself. Building muscle takes time and this is a no BS system that works.

  • Advanced Package INFO

    The Advanced Package program is perfect for the Intermediate/Advanced Athlete or for those who are new to weight training. 


    This plan will help you to:

    • Sculpt lean muscle 
    • Burn body fat
    • Training sessions are intense and will target your entire body
    • Balanced and strategic nutrition
    • Personal support provided by me!


    What else can you expect:

    • Tighter, firm, lifted glutes
    • Lean and defined thighs (hamstrings & quads)
    • Leaner and tighter waistline
    • Shapely back, both upper back and lower!
    • Defined arms, tighter tricep area. Goodbye batwings!


    Pricing and Payment

    12 Week Advanced Package 


    Two installments accepted.


    First installment must be received in order for us to begin. After your first installment is received, I will send you a questionnaire to complete and begin working on your personalized program.


    Your package is sent via PDF form for you to download. You will have access to this anytime, anywhere after that.


    You receive two personalized eBooks:

    1.) Training Program - eBooklet

    2.) Tailored Meal Guidelines - eBooklet


    You'll also receive my very own program for ultimate core and glute activation!

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