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No Lame Guilt

It's Valentine's week. Lovers and friends of lovers will enjoy a bounty of chocolate, wine, and sappy rom-coms. But come Mon, those same epicureans will be hit with a burgeoning case of guilt.

And that blows.

Guilt developed in humans to provoke behavioral change. When our ancestors did bad things like commit infanticide, pillage lands, or scribble graffiti on sacred tombstones, guilt kicked in to encourage better behavior. Thus, the human race evolved more civilized and with better teeth.

But when it comes to our modern diets, guilt often has the opposite effect. We swear off "bad" food, only to find ourselves knee-deep in said food, and in comes the guilt - marching in to the same familiar self-loathing.

Totally shamed, we usually give up and decide to eat another pint of ice cream because nothing matters.

So if you're fortunate enough to enjoy delicious treats on this celebration of eros, please commit to doing one thing: Enjoy it.

Eat the chocolate, drink the wine. You'll get back to your salads and quinoa. No lame guilt. Life's too short, and you're too awesome.


Author: Nikki Larkins

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