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It's Not Cheating

If you read my last post, you know I'm not a big fan of guilt. (If you didn't read my last post, what are you doing with your life?) Which leads me to our next subject: cheat meals.

I hate them. Well, not the actual meals - the word "cheat." It's so judgy. How does pasta equate to infidelity?

Listen, I won't bs you. If you wanna be healthy, don't eat Krispy Kreme like it's your last meal on death row. (Shout out to Krispy Kreme. I recently tried their sugary goodness for the first time... Holy hell, they're amazing!)

Healthy living means eating clean food sourced close to the earth most days of your life. But pizza happens. Calling it a "cheat" sounds like a bored married couple cashing in on a hall pass.

Your palate deserves better. Train it to enjoy a plethora of fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, complex carbs, and proteins. Doing so may lessen your desire for junk food. But when enjoying a slice of cake, relish every bite, and get on with life.

It's not cheating. It's living.


Author: Nikki Larkins

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